What Is Laser Lipo and Fat Transfer?

When you get older, you might discover a gradual deterioration of facial firmness or looseness in certain parts of your body. This ordinary process could make you look worn down or less youthful. To target these visual problems, our staff is proud to perform an advanced method known as laser-assisted liposuction and fat transfer employing the latest BeautiFill device at our facility in Riverside, CA. This advanced system transfers laser light under the skin to safely collect unwanted fat from regions, like the hips, legs, and abdomen. The harvested fat is then reinjected into targeted facial or body parts to provide smooth, natural-appearing fullness. With BeautiFill, it’s possible to increase fullness in the cheeks, lips, around the eyes, or the smile lines around the mouth and nose. Additionally, we can harvest the fat sample for body sculpting, such as enhancing plumpness in your bottom or breasts. This advanced procedure involves no real downtime so it’s a beneficial choice when compared to conventional fat transfers. To discover more information about how you could benefit from laser-assisted lipo and fat transfer, get in touch with Bloom Aesthetics Riverside to schedule a visit.


What Are the Benefits?

Minimally invasive laser liposuction using BeautiFill in Riverside, CA at Bloom Aesthetics Riverside provides a number of terrific advantages to remove annoying fat tissue, such as:

  • Treatment is personalized to your unique needs
  • Less invasive option than standard liposuction
  • Produces results if a healthy lifestyle has no effect
  • It’s a gentler option than typical liposuction
  • Customizable treatment plans for your individual desires
  • Effective, reliable outcomes
  • Addresses stubborn fat from problem places
  • Firms and lifts skin
  • Slims and firms the body
  • Revitalizes body shape
  • Plumps the breasts, lips, and butt
  • Provides outcomes that are long-lasting and natural-looking
  • Reduced risks because it uses your body’s own fat
  • Results can be long-lasting
  • Shorter downtime
  • Minimal swelling
  • Negligible scars

Laser Lipo and Fat Transfer FAQ

What’s the difference between BeautiFill and other energy-assisted liposuction procedures?

The chief variant between BeautiFill and alternative fat transfer methods is the adipose harvesting technique. The cutting-edge technology can gather a specimen of viable fat cells and refine it to be implanted into the chosen regions. In comparison with alternative solutions, BeautiFill can produce an excellent amount of live fat cells and is recognized for its great, outstanding results.

Am I going to feel pain during my procedure?

Because BeautiFill is carried out under a topical anesthetic, the majority of individuals experience almost no pain during their session at Bloom Aesthetics Riverside. You may feel a little pain, tenderness, and swelling after you go home since the BeautiFill procedure is less invasive in nature.

Will I need to take time off work or my regular activities?

By and large, you can make that call. You may have some post-treatment swelling or bruising, which could last a few days based on the size and amount of the treatment areas. Regardless, these fleeting effects should not hinder you from getting back to your daily routine within 24 hours should you want to do so.

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